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“Getting jiggly with it: The curious community that's grown around gelatinous creations,” Salon

“Sexy Colonel Sanders? How the face of KFC became a (kind of weird) sex symbol,” Salon

“Lactose against intolerance": How milkshakes became a tool for protest and sparked police mistrust,” Salon

“Put an egg on it! The rise of yolk porn in the Instagram age,” Salon

“As groceries board up amid protests, food inequality worsens for communities of color,” Salon

“From virtual farmers markets to CSA apps, farmers have gone digital to get produce to consumers,” Salon

“As restaurants close to the public, many reopen as community grocery stores,” Salon

“Who's coming to the aid of undocumented workers amid restaurant closures and lay-offs?” Salon

“The best laid plants: Small-scale farmers face uncertain futures amid restaurant closures,” Salon

“The cult of Cheesecake Factory and its baffling, larger-than-life charms,” Salon

"Real women are still expected to cook: From sitcoms to the Food Network, the “angel in the kitchen” pressure on women prevails," Salon

"You are what — and where — you eat: From the Lanford Inn seafood buffet to those “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” organic strawberry donuts," Salon

“How Toyota Helped Create A Thriving Japanese Food Culture In Kentucky," NPR's The Salt

"Are Gummy Bear Flavors Just Fooling Our Brains?," NPR's The Salt

"In Kentucky, Transparent Pie Is Clearly A Thanksgiving Winner," NPR's The Salt

"The Rolled Oyster, Louisville's Oddball Bar Snack, Is Tumbling Off Menus" NPR's The Salt

"This Kitchen Ain't A Men's Club," The Bitter Southerner

“Between Clinic and Kitchen, New Hope for Patients With Taste Loss,” National Geographic’s The Plate

“Is Kimchi Kosher? Are GMOs? Naturally, Rabbis Disagree,” National Geographic’s The Plate

“A Concise History of the Modern Toaster,” Extra Crispy

“In Search of the '90s Club Kids’ Lost Doughnut Party,” Extra Crispy

“I Ate a Biblical Burger Aboard a $100 Million Ark,” VICE

“The unexpected rise of artisan bread in the on-demand era,” The Daily Dot

“How Urban Bed-and-Breakfasts Are Cozying Up to Business Travelers,” CityLab

“Louisville’s famous Twig and Leaf: are diners landmarks worth preserving?” The Guardian

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